'Star Wars': Han Solo's Jacket Could Sell for $1.3 Million at Auction

A piece of Star Wars history could soon be fetching a pretty penny.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Han Solo's jacket from The Empire Strikes Back is expected to earn $1.3 million at a memorabilia auction this September.

The jacket, which Harrison Ford donned in the iconic film, is part of a 600-piece auction being held by UK's Prop Store, which will take place on September 20th at London's BFI Imax. The auction will also include a light saber from Revenge of the Sith, and costumes from Edward Scissorhands and Forest Gump.

While most Star Wars fans probably won't be able to add Han Solo's Empire jacket to their collection, whoever does pay that prince will have a unique memento for Ford's legacy as the smuggler.

"As he works on set, he has a great understanding of the artistic side of shooting a movie as well as the technical side of shooting a film," Ford's Star Wars: The Force Awakens co-star John Boyega said of the actor back in 2017. "If anyone asks me what I have learned from working with Harrison Ford on Star Wars, I've learned that whatever film I go on to after this, shooting a film or a movie as an actor is a balance of the technical and the artistic. As an artist, you're portraying a role, being an actor, and performing.

"But the camera is the eye of the audience, so you have to also facilitate that." Boyega continued. "You have to facilitate the lighting, the positions, and the visual effects. Harrison knows how to do all of that with great balance, but also have fun and make it a comfortable set."

But even then, fans had to say goodbye to Ford's portrayal in The Force Awakens -- something that the actor had actually been campaigning for.

"I'd been begging to die for the cause for a couple of years," Ford explained in a previous interview. "I thought Han Solo's got no mama, got no papa, doesn't believe in the Force. What can we do here? What's his ultimate utility? To sacrifice himself for others. Well, they figured a different idea, but it worked for them, worked for me, and brought on some fresh horses."


What do you think of Han Solo's The Empire Strikes Back jacket going up for auction? Do you think $1.3 million a fair price? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

The Star Wars franchise will continue next with Star Wars: Episode IX, which is set to debut in December of 2019.