Star Wars: Waffle House Ships Rey and Kylo Ren

Since we first met Rey and Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, fans have been trying to [...]

Since we first met Rey and Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, fans have been trying to figure out what the dynamic between the two characters is, with many viewers thinking they have a romantic connection. In hopes of convincing their followers that they are a sentient being instead of a corporate social media account, the Waffle House shared a post with a reference to the relationship between Rey and Kylo on Twitter.

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To celebrate the joys of covering your waffle in peanut butter and chocolate chips, the Twitter account shared an image of such a breakfast feast, while adding, "There is a balance between the chocolate and peanut butter, forcebonded together as they melt... A waffle for the #Reylos."

Fans of the series will automatically recognize "Reylo" as the name for the romantic relationship between the two characters. Rey and Kylo's appearances together in two films have displayed passion, which some fans chalk up to romance while others perceive it as a sibling connection.

Rey and Kylo's on-screen relationship in The Force Awakens was mainly combative in nature, yet Star Wars: The Last Jedi depicted the characters as having an indescribable connection, allowing them to speak to one another across the galaxy. The connection they shared was rooted in their past, with Kylo both embracing his past while trying to forge a new path, all while Rey aimed to discover who her parents were before Kylo revealed they were "nobodies" and that she, too, should focus more on forging her own path.

One of the more profound moments in The Last Jedi came from a scene depicting this Force connection, as both Rey and Kylo could seemingly feel one another's presences, so much so that they reached out to see if they could physically feel one another. Given that the Star Wars saga rarely sees physical expressions of romance, star Mark Hamill referred to this as a "sex scene."

"Not to mention the big sex scene where the fingers touch. That's pretty hot for a Star Wars movie," Hamill joked to Fandango about the pivotal scene. "They never let me touch a finger."

With some fans thinking that Rey actually has a romantic connection with Finn, not Kylo, it's unclear what could happen in Star Wars: Episode IX, which lands in theaters in December of 2019.

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