Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 3's Mythosaur Reveal Explained

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 3 seriously took a turn in Season 3 Episode 2, "The Mines of Mandalore". (MAJOR SPOILERS!) Din Djarin stepped out of a galactic western and into a classic Amblin-style quest, as he and Grogu traveled to the planet Mandalore and fought their way down to the Mines of Mandalore so that Mando could be "redeemed" in its waters. However, it wasn't so much redemption that Din Djarin found as it was doom when he was promptly dragged down into the murky waters and nearly drowned. 

Things quickly got weirder when Bo-Katan Kryze dove in to rescue Mando, only to find that there was an actual, living Mythosaur lurking in the waters

What Is Star Wars' Mythosaur? Explained

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The Mythosaur is a beast of legend from the very beginnings of Mandalorian culture. Basically, Mythosaurs were the like the Dinosaurs of ancient Mandalore: giant animals (said to be the size of small cities at times) that were the dominant species of the planet. When a tribe of the Taung species left Coruscant and settled in the Outer Rim worlds, they would test their might as warriors by hunting and killing the Mythosaur beasts, and conquering the planet as the new dominant species. 

The legendary leader Mandalore the First is credited with hunting the Mythosaurs to the point of extinction, and then using the beasts as core symbols of the Mandalorian creed and culture that would be created from there – including the name of the planet ("Mandalore") and its people.  

The Mythosaur's Return In The Mandalorian Season 3 Explained

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The Mythosaur's Return is something that the Star Wars TV Universe has been teasing since the beginning of The Mandalorian. The symbol of the Mythosaur skull has been seen in various places, including in a statue hung on The Armorer's wall, and on Boba Fett's armor. In fact, in Episode 5 of The Book of Boba Fett (the infamous detour bottle episode about Mando), Din Djarin and The Armorer converse about Mythosuars, with The Armorer claiming that the return of Mythosaurs will "herald a new age of Mandalore." 

Star Wars fans haven't been overlooking these breadcrumbs: they've known where this is all headed: The return of the Mythosaur and the ancient animal becoming the symbolic catalyst for a whole new era of Mandalorian culture. The question is how will the various Mandalorian factions (Bo-Katan, The Armorer, and Din Djarin caught in between) will treat the Mythosaur  – and how that treatment will resonate with all the other Mandalorians scattered across the universe. 

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