Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Actor Teases Major Moment Between Luke and C-3PO

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will be here before you know it. One thing that a lot of fans are excited to see is how C-3PO figures into the trilogy’s finale after an ominous shot in the trailers. Fans on Reddit have pointed out that one of the actors is teasing a big moment between the droid and his friend Luke Skywalker in the upcoming film. Now, the post talks about some of the inclusions in Anthony Daniels, 3PO’s actor, newest book as he talks about his journey through the Star Wars franchise. Daniels specifically mentions how Luke factors into The Rise of Skywalker. (Now, I’m not going to gesture towards some of the more overt mentions because the movie isn’t out yet.) But, he does mention that there is an emotional scene between the droid and his master in the new movie. Now, that should send off some alarm bells for fans because Luke is presumably “gone” after the events of The Last Jedi.

Some interviews from last year gesture towards the fact that Mark Hamil might not have been totally satisfied by how his story unfolded in The Last Jedi. Hamill even admitted that he still didn’t know why Jedi Master Luke Skywalker “gave up” in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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“Why did Luke give up in The Last Jedi? What other events made Luke give up?” a fan named Cameron White asked on Twitter, while tagging Hamill and writer-director Rian Johnson. “From what we know Luke made one mistake and he gave up. That doesn’t really make sense.”

“When I understand, I’ll let you know,” Hamill replied.

The Last Jedi revealed that Skywalker exiled himself to a distant water planet called Ahch-To after an encounter with tainted Padawan Ben Solo (Adam Driver). That trauma resulted in the destruction of Skywalker’s fledgling Jedi Order. This caused the older Jedi so much grief that he marooned himself on “the most unfindable place in the galaxy,” and cut himself off from the Force as he waited to die.

“I was shocked. I said to Rian, number one, Luke was the most optimistic, hopeful character, and now he’s this miserable, despondent hermit,” Hamill said in a previous interview when asked about his reaction to Johnson’s script.


“You see in the story why that is, but I had a real problem, because I don’t believe a Jedi would ever give up. You see, if he makes a mistake, he doubles down and does the right thing, regardless of the magnitude of his mistake — choosing Ben Solo and being so wrong and giving rise to the possible Darth Vader.”

Hamill famously explained that he initially “fundamentally disagreed” with Johnson about the direction of the character, but later clarified those comments, saying they were “inartfully [sic] phrased.” The longtime Star Wars actor relayed his “surprise” at how Johnson saw Luke. Hamill added that it took him “a while to get around to [Johnson’s] way of thinking.”

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