Star Wars Voice Actor Sam Witwer Almost Joined Cast of The Mandalorian

Star Wars: The Clone Wars voice actor Sam Witwer almost had a role in the first season of Disney+'s Star Wars: The Mandalorian. Witwer, who voices Darth Maul in the animated series recently revealed in an interview with Star Wars Holocron that had originally been shortlisted for a role on the series, something that would have given fans what they've wanted for quite some time: the actor's appearance in the live-action Star Wars universe.

"I got put on a shortlist on Mandalorian for some role and I thought maybe that was from Dave [Filoni], but then I found out it was actually form casting. Casting came up with the idea. The way they do it, I guess, is they put a bunch of people on a list and then the producers pick someone," Witwer said. "So, I relayed that to Dave, and I think it was awkward because I was saying, 'When I'm on the show' and this and that. But what I was actually trying to say was I actually took myself off that list because I don't want to mess with your show [laughs]. I was trying to say that."

"I don't want to mess with the show, nor do I want to take the risk that I'm wrong for the show and then you hire me because I'm your buddy," Witwer continued. "I was trying to say that, but it came off wrong [Laughs]. And there was this awkward silent moment. I think I need to text the guy and tell him that's not what I meant! But what I meant to say was that if [Dave] had a need for me and there's something I can do for you, you can tell me yourself. I'm not going to get in the way. That's what I was trying to say. Because I don't feel like Star Wars owes me a damn thing. Star Wars has been very good to me."

Even though Witwer didn't end up appearing in The Mandalorian's first season, he did have a lot of excitement for the upcoming second season of the hit Disney+ series and said that there are things coming that will "blow people's minds".

"There are things that [Dave Filoni] has coming in The Mandalorian season two that are going to blow people's minds," Witwer said. "Because the thing is that Dave and George [Lucas] always had the same instinct when it came to this."

As for what those mind-blowing things are, Witwer didn't say, though The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal himself recently said that there are "pretty wonderful" things coming.

"They can expect me not to talk about it at all," Pascal said when asked by Yahoo! what fans can expect in the show's second season. "Only so they can experience the second season in the same way they experienced the first -- that sort of awe and surprise. It's pretty wonderful."


Season 2 of Star Wars: The Mandalorian premieres exclusively on Disney+ this October.

Photo by Daniel Boczarski/FilmMagic via Getty Images