Zack Snyder Confirms His Star Wars Spinoff Was In The Works, Updates Where It Is Now

Zack Snyder has confirmed that - once upon a time - he was looking at helming a Star Wars spinoff [...]

Zack Snyder has confirmed that - once upon a time - he was looking at helming a Star Wars spinoff movie for Lucasfilm. Rumors that Snyder was getting his own Star Wars standalone circulated heavily back in early 2013, while the filmmaker was launching his Superman reboot, Man of Steel, into theaters, but the accuracy of those reports were heavily disputed by industry insiders and trades. Now, thanks to Snyder himself, we know that the story first broken by Vulture was indeed accurate - and ironically it may be that same inside scoop that may have been responsible for killing Zack Snyder's Star Wars movie before it got off the ground.

While appearing on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Zack Snyder was asked directly about the Akira Kurosawa-inspired Star Wars films he was rumored to be circling in the 2010s. According to the Justice League and Army of the Dead filmmaker:

"Yeah... we talked about it but it never... you know. I've been working on it - just away from the Star Wars universe - just on my own, just as a sci-fi thing... It's still a sci-fi thing, it's the same story, just kind of now I let Star Wars be Star Wars and I'm just gonna... you know. The eleven-year-old me still wants to make that, now I just know how to - so maybe we'll see that someday."

Zack Snyder Confirms Star Wars Movie Spinoff

As for the Star Wars version of that sci-fi project, Snyder wouldn't confirm that there were familiar characters involved in it, just that he wanted Lucasfilm to "Give me the keys, let me take her [the franchise] for a spin." He added that during that time of creative limbo (after George Lucas' Prequel Trilogy but before Disney started its run of the franchise) he was confident he could fix the somewhat broken franchise. After seeing Snyder's experience with the DC movie franchise, a lot of Star Wars fans will have feelings about the notion of Snyder being handed the creative keys to their beloved franchise. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

One popular idea that ran through Star Wars fan circles at the time that Snyder's involvement was rumored was a darker coming-of-age story for franchise icon, Yoda. While the Jedi master's origin story should arguably remain a mystery, fans were hyped for the idea of seeing a Young Yoda facing impossible odds to protect a settlement alongside his fellow Jedi - only to walk away as the sole survivor of those seven Jedi. It would have been a powerful backstory on how Yoda formed his noble views and ideals as a Jedi Master; ironically enough, both The Mandalorian and Clone Wars series have done their own versions of Seven Samurai, so Snyder may have had a hit on his hands.