The Mandalorian’s Simon Kassianides Reflects on the Experience of Playing Axe Woves

The second season of Star Wars: The Mandalorian has come to an end, and the season featured some exciting new characters, many being more Mandalorians. In "Chapter 11: The Heiress," fans were introduced to the live-action version of Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) who was joined by Koska Reeves (Sasha Banks) and Axe Woves (Simon Kassianides). After the episode aired, Kassianides took to social media to express his excitement over being in Star Wars. "I can say nothing here that would do justice to the magnitude of this moment for me," he wrote. Now that the season is over (and Kassianides has his own Twitter emoji), the actor has taken to Instagram to share his gratitude for getting to be a part of the series.

"Gratitude post! As a fan of @starwars since birth, Season 2 of @themandalorian gave me so much during what I’m sure for so many people has been a hell of a year. What. A. Finale. If you’ve seen it you’ll understand the emotional moment about to happen here," Kassianides wrote. "Dreams do come true. And that’s hugely due to the following people. @sarahfinncasting for seeing me in such an opposite role to one I loved as Bakshi."

He continued, "@jonfavreau @dave.filoni @brycedhoward for being creative geniuses, cool as all hell, so approachable and choosing me as Axe Woves. Bryce for directing the brilliant episode I’m in and sharing her acting techniques, skills, and love. @pascalispunk for being a friend and so welcoming. He is as cool as you think he is. @therealkateesackhoff for being generous where other actors would not have even thought to be. Class act. @sashabankswwe for not kicking my ass because she can. Anytime. @trpcic for designing the costumes like the boss she is. @mingna_wen and @rosariodawson for being the family I had before all this and being as excited about it as I still am. Meeting @carlweathers and him being just as cool and as much of a gentlemen I always thought he was. The stunt team for being superheroes in real life - @ryan_watson74 @kofi_stunts @lateefcrowderdossantos @therealbrendanwayne @caitlindechelle."

He concluded, "The crew, always, for all that they do but especially on this show as everyone I met had some kind of Star Wars paraphernalia on them. Geek heaven! And the fans out there for making this all real. May the force be with you all :)" You can view the full post here.


Kassianides mentioned his role of Bakshi on Agents of SHIELD in the post. In case you missed it, Kassianides was far from the only actor to appear on both the Marvel series and The Mandalorian. In fact, one fan took to Reddit this week to reveal they counted 15 Agents of SHIELD actors on the Disney+ series. Of course, the most famous star to appear in both shows is Ming-Na Wen, who actually commented on Kassianides latest post. "Big love to my fellow nerd friend!!!💕❤️👏," she wrote.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian is now streaming on Disney+.