Robert Kirkman Says Thief Of Thieves TV Show Is Still In Process


For a while, word of a Thief of Thieves adaptation to television was circulating. The idea isn't much of a stretch considering its writer and creator Robert Kirkman is responsible for the #1 show on cable with The Walking Dead and has his Outcast series coming to Cinemax this summer.

There have been very few updates on the matter aside from the original speculation that AMC was developing Thief of Thieves into a series. Yesterday, Kirkman offered an update for fans during a Reddit AMA.

"Still working on it," Kirkman says of the Thief of Thieves TV series. "Frustrating that I can't say more, I know. It's a long process but it's still in process."

Kirkman launched Thief of Thieves in 2010 with a team of four writers which included himself, Nick Spencer, James Asmus, and Andy Diggle. The comic follows master thief Redmond who decides to quit just before the biggest heist of his career. Instead, he decides to start stealing from other thieves.

Thief of Thieves is currently in print with 31 issues available.