Fear The Walking Dead: Passage Part 6 Released

Each and every week, AMC releases a new episode of the Fear The Walking Dead spin-off webseries - Passage.

The story follows two women that meet up during the zombie apocalypse. They find each other in a deserted part of the Southern United States, but they have decided to try and cross the border into Mexico. The woman who was injured when they met says she has a boyfriend who worked for border patrol, and he knew about a secret tunnel.

As the end of Part 5, the strong woman was helping the injured woman fight off a walker. Just as she was about to stab it, a gunshot rang and the zombie fell.

This week showed audiences who fired the shot - it was the woman's boyfriend. She woman said his name, Colton, and the two embraced.

She went onto explain that the other woman, Sierra, helped her get that far. She said that they two of them had come to find the tunnel and escape the country.

Colton said he had been there, and asked about the woman's sister. It was obvious that she didn't make it.

The woman started crying, asking Colton why he didn't come back. As they talked, Sierra picked up a knife and stared at Colton.

As the episode ended, it was clear that Sierra didn't trust Colton, and he knew it. Seems like there's going to be a power struggle on Passage in the weeks to come.