Danay Garcia Dishes On Fear The Walking Dead's New Female Villain

Heading into its third season, Fear the Walking Dead has built an impressive amount of momentum as a border war is all but in full swing.

To end the season, Nick Clarke (Frank Dillane) and Luciana (Danay Garcia) lead their Colonia to the American border in an effort to escape the gangsters who attempted to seize their community. However, their trip to the border was not greeted with the sanctuary they were hoping for. Instead, they were target practice for a very aggressive militia.

When the new season begins, not only with this militia be a focal point but an enemy group which they will be doing battle with. Following Fear the Walking Dead's Season 2 finale, executive producer Dave Erickson told ComicBook.com that this yet-to-be-introduced group will have a lady in charge and she will likely be the villain of Season 3.

"There's gonna be a new prominent character, who we're gonna meet south of the border, who is going to have an impact on Nick and Luciana, and Strand most likely," Erickson said. "She will become somebody, I think, who can rival any of the powerful characters we've had on the show or will have on the show. The idea is to create opposing forces on either side of the border and see what happens when they end up in conflict and what happens if our family is on opposite sides of the conflict."


Speaking to ComicBook.com ahead of Fear the Walking Dead's Season 2 blu ray release, Danay Garcia shared some additional intel of the new villain, who will apparently have a major effect on her.

"I'm really looking forward to it, because you know what? I honestly think that every time somebody makes somebody evil, the really truth is that they are really not that evil," Garcia said. "They just have their reasons, that they're making decisions based on their own issues. If you really go down --deep, deep, deep down -- they're people that are just doing the best they can."

So, maybe we're going to be sympathizing with the new baddie a bit?

"Obviously it's not a good thing, but I'm really interested in seeing this character and how they're going to make her and turn her into what," Garcia said. "And what are her choices and decisions? And based on what? I want to see them together. I want to see how Luciana, if I get to meet her, would deal with this situation. It's not just a male, it's a woman. It's a villain. It's whatever it is that she's going to be. I don't know, but it would be amazing."


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Fear the Walking Dead's third season will being filming in January with a premiere likely coming in April of 2017. Season 2 will be avaiable on blu-ray on December 16. For complete coverage and insider info all season long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter.

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