Walker Stalker Atlanta: 'Fear The Walking Dead' Panel Recap

fear walker Stalker panel dickens Domingo
(Photo: Brandon Davis)

Kim Dickens, Colman Domingo, and Sam Underwood take the stage in the Georgia World Congress Center's Thomas Murphy Ballroom to discuss The Walking Dead sibling series Fear the Walking Dead.

This is the first Walker Stalker Con for both Dickens and Underwood.

"You see so many families coming over and I love the idea that this event is really drawing families together," Domingo said. "It's just a love fest!...Ultimately, we're trying to bring each other together...It's a conversation about how do we come together in our humanity."

"I've had so many cool moms come up here to me," Dickens said.

How do Jake and Troy compare as characters?

"Villains seem to be more interesting and more complex," Underwood said. "Compared to someone who is the good guy or the hero, there's not as much of a shift, and there's not as much complexity, because there's not as much to fight so much." He says Troy has much more to overcome which makes him a more interesting character than Jake.

Jake always had speeched prepared. How did Underwood get ready to deliver those?

"I listen to Obama talk," Underwood said. "I re-read some Henry V from Shakespeare...Those are the kind of people I touched on."

Prepare for being poisoned by anthrax?

"I just decided, I don't need to look good," Underwood said. "I didn't really do too much. I just looked at the general symptoms and try to relay that."

Will Strand kill somebody next season?

"He's mine," Dickens said.

"I think Victor, there is a cliffhanger, if he survives," Domingo said. "If he survives, he has to really move forward. I think he would have to have some kills to survive."

"I think that he will be on the other side, hopefully. If he's going to survive, he has to."

"She was pissed. That was fun to play because it does happen in just a flash. She just clocks it all over him...The growth there, Madison is like, 'We're in the apocalypse now. If this is what you gotta do...' I think she was angry, and obviously that covers up hurt, there's no time for that now."

"I couldn't believe it when you laid the hammer down on him because right before I thought you were gonna kiss him," Dickens said. "You did have to play with that. It's like, Madison knew he had mommy issues. She knew he was this abused, wounded child, and she was trying to control him. She was also afraid of him at times. There was an appeal to him. There was a charm to him."

Did Madison have a hope for Troy?

"When I wasn't about to kill him, I did," Dickens said.

Who does Underwood blame for Jake's death?

"It's Nick's fault!" Underwood said. "He hit me over the back of the head and pushed me into the zombies!"

What was it like to film the Christmas dinner scene?

"Sticky and messy," Dickens said.

"That was a huge mess of a scene," Underwood said. "I think I've still got remnants of it on the inside of my thighs."

"There's certain things about that scene that we kept talking about," Dickens said. "Like, Ofelia's not there? It's all men at the table. It's all part of Madison's psyche."

Ofelia wasn't there because she had already wrapped and was in Europe.

Will then ew showrunners lose the differentiation

"The hope is is that we've been building on something and it's become stronger and stronger in the storytelling and its own narratives that make it a part of the universe but I don't think our show would like to cannibalize that universe that's established with The Walking Dead...It's expanding like the Marvel universe. We can have different off shoots of the walking dead in some way.

The color palette, the way it's filmed ,everything about it, it makes it unique.

Madison and Rick's groups colliding? What would that be like?

"I don't know, it would be up to the writing and the circumstances," Dickens said. "Madison's instinct is to rebuild society and that's why she joined the nation with the Broke Jaw Ranch."

"I've seen maybe two episodes of Walking Dead," Domingo said. "None of us were really familiar and watched The Walking Dead which is really to our benefit."

"We were encouraged not to binge on The Walking Dead," Dickens said. "They didn't want us to have it in our head in the apocalypse already."

How would Madison handle Negan?

Dickens laughs. "I don't know how she'd stand up to him but I think she'd fight like a banshee," Dickens said. "She took off Otto's head, so..." Would she be brave enough to kill him, though? "She definitely has courage beyond," Dickens said. "If it's a means to a better end, probably."

Will Madison and Strand hook up?

"I think it's always a possibility, Domingo said. "Right now, it's strictly platonic, but there's something deeper than love there...They're trying to do something differently...There are ways of trying to figure out if Strand has been with Abigail or not."

"For Madison, I think Strand is the one person who can actually calm her," Dickens said. "He's the one person who can bring out her better angel."

Fear the Walking Dead has not yet begun filming its fourth season yet. The stories both of the characters' pasts and future pop up for the cast members unexpectedly and they can't say anything about what's coming up.