'The Walking Dead': Watch Unedited Clip Of Tom Payne Dropping F-bomb On 'Talking Dead'

The Walking Dead actor Tom Payne, who plays moral center Jesus on the hit series, accidentally dropped an "F-bomb" on the post-show Talking Dead.

The slip came after host Chris Hardwick asked Payne and co-star Alanna Masterson, joining the show via satellite from Atlanta, Georgia, how much they love working together:

Payne: Aww, it’s alright. We haven’t, have we? Actually, I f—ked up — oh, I messed up, because I just did that. [Laughs]

Hardwick: Aw, Tom! Jesus dropping the F-bomb on the show, what are you doing?! This is live television, these people can’t hear the F-bomb, they can only watch people’s eyes get ripped out of their head. ‘But the F-word, what?!’

Payne: I messed up because when we got on set, I said, ‘Oh, this is like our first scene together!’ And she was like ‘Um, no, we had a scene together in season 6 when you first joined the show.'

Masterson: Yeah. But I’m a professional, he’s not.

Payne: Yeah, that’s probably it.

Payne's F-bomb was censored by the time the show aired on the west coast, where it was muted. You can watch the uncensored version in the clip above.

The episode's guests included The Walking Dead showrunner Scott M. Gimple and Chris Sullivan (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, This is Us) to discuss episode 8x02, "The Damned." The episode, which also saw the shocking return of a familiar face, dealt with Jesus, Tara, Morgan (Lennie James) and co. returning to the same Savior outpost Jesus and Tara attacked in the middle of the night back in season 6.

At one point in the episode, Jesus and Tara have separated from the group and come across Dean, a cowering Savior with soiled pants, who begs for mercy. Tara wants to shoot him and move on, but Jesus insists they don't kill an unarmed and surrendering opponent. Dean's plea for leniency proves to be a ruse when he disarms Jesus, taking him hostage. Tara, saying she can make the shot, wants to kill the Savior — but Jesus gets free and knocks Dean out, tying him up.

Jesus' insistence that the coalition of Alexandria, Hilltop and Kingdom soldiers don't kill when they don't have to has proved controversial with fans, with Payne explaining his character's beliefs to ComicBook.com:

"I think in that moment, it's the fact that the guy put his hands up," Payne said. "[Jesus] just walked in and shot someone straight away. That moment, it was just about making sure the coast is clear for them to do what they need to do, then this guy he saw with his hands up, that was a turning point of, 'Wait, hang on a second. We have to have some sort of difference between just killing everyone and having some morals.' For the war, if you just end up killing everyone, then what is there afterwards?"

As All Out War against Negan and the Saviors wages on, Jesus' immovable beliefs will continue to be tested in this Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead, "Monsters."

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC. Live episodes of Talking Dead air immediately afterwards.

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