First 'Fear The Walking Dead' Crossover Review Surfaces

AMC sent the first two episodes of Fear the Walking Dead's fourth season to select members of the press with an embargo date set closer to the show's premiere but that didn't stop Forbes from publishing their thoughts on the episodes.

Forbes, a brand which is typically in the game of criticizing and even bashing The Walking Dead, did just that in their complimenting of Fear the Walking Dead's fourth season. It starts with a headline of "Season 4 Of 'Fear The Walking Dead' Is So Much Better Than 'The Walking Dead' It's Not Even Funny."

"I've watched the first two episodes of Season 4 of Fear The Walking Dead and all I can say is 'wow,'" writes Forbes' Erik Kain. "The show had already improved drastically with Season 3, but it's so much better in Season 4 I'm still getting over my shock.

"The first two episodes are really just one extended Season 4 premiere. Without spoiling anything, the two halves of this episode deal with two different groups of characters who end up converging in really surprising ways. We're introduced to a new setting, lots of great new characters, and some fascinating new conflicts."

The writer goes on to detail some of the characters who will be new to the show with their own added perspective but bios and details have already been released by AMC. "There are other new faces as well, but we'll leave the list at four for now. I can say without hesitation that these are great new characters---especially John and Althea," Kain continues. "I've seen less of Naomi at this point so I have less of an impression of her character. Dillahunt is so great in this role, I'm really excited to see where they take his character. It's such a different role for him---other than the whole cowboy thing. And Al is a fascinating character with a really cool motivation (and an even cooler truck.)"

"And all the old characters, like Nick (Frank Dillane) and Alicia (Alycia Debnam Carey) are as good as ever. All told, this cast makes the cast of The Walking Dead pale in comparison."

The Forbes piece doesn't stick to simply praising Fear the Walking Dead, though. It ultimately reverts to bashing the flagship drama of The Walking Dead with comparisons. "Quite literally everything about Fear is better than the main show," Kain writes. "It was already better in Season 3 but it's improved even more now. I was worried when I learned that previous showrunner Dave Erickson was leaving. After such a great third season, would the show suddenly sink again under new leadership?"


Kain claims his article is not a review but it is, nevertheless, an opinionated piece offering teases, insight, and perspective of the still-under-embargo Episodes 4x01 and 4x02. "Judging by the first two episodes, I had nothing to worry about," Kain writes. "New showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg co-wrote both episodes (with a little help from Scott Gimple in the first one) and the writing is leagues better than anything on The Walking Dead. It's nuanced, interesting and feels natural."

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 pm ET on AMC. Fear the Walking Dead will debut its fourth season after The Walking Dead concludes its eighth, at 10 pm ET on April 15. For complete coverage and insider info all year long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter.