'The Walking Dead': Melissa McBride On Carol's Loss, Current Relationships

The Walking Dead took yet another person close to Carol away from her with Sunday's Episode 8x13.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 8x13, Do Not Send Us Astray, follow!

With Tobin's death in Episode 8x13, the character's name gets lumped in with Sophia, Carl, Lizzie, Mika, Tyreese, and several others who became close to Carol only to fall victim to the treachery of the walker apocalypse. Carol actress Melissa McBride opened up about yet another loss and how her character will be impacted going forward.

"I mean, she still has that dilemma inside of her about having to kill," McBride said. "And she's sort resigned herself into being one of those people that... She was having the conversation with Tobin, she's like, 'There's no guarantees. You get one more night, maybe one more morning.' There's people that fight and there's no other people."

Having long history with Daryl, spending a lot of time with Ezekiel lately, and seeing a potentially troubling reflection in Morgan Jones, Carol has several characters who are still close to her. Which is the closest, however, is hard to say.

"They each have their own sort of energy," McBride said. "They're also very different and I think that they each sort of bring out a different part of Carol. Gosh, that's tough. I am gonna miss Lennie [James], I'm gonna miss working with him so much. There's Tobin, he was reminding her at the time... She was struggling so much with just having been through the Wolf period and counting how many people she's killed and she really needed to hear that. He's a good friend and just kind and gentle with her, and saw something in her that she maybe needed to hear, needed to know."

Still, Tobin and Carol's relationship can't top one with a longer running history. "I still think she's closest Daryl," McBride said. "They have this long relationship. They've been through so much together. They were there from the beginning. They just kind of get each other in a way that is different from the other characters."


The actress won't name Daryl a clear cut winner as Carol's closest pal, though. "She's closer to Morgan too, and Ezekiel!" McBride adds. "I don't know. She's relatable!"

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