'The Walking Dead': Steven Yeun Reveals What Maggie Should Name The Baby

The Walking Dead alum Steven Yeun has a name in mind for Glenn and Maggie's baby.

"Paul," Yeun said, straight-faced but not seriously, during a panel appearance at Fan Fest Chicago.

Asked by another fan what he misses now that he's off The Walking Dead, Yeun answered, "I miss the people, which you know, is very obvious. You guys get to meet them, they're all really wonderful people."

"I miss Georgia. I miss riding bikes around with Norman [Reedus] and friends," he added. "And I also miss craft services."

Glenn and Maggie's baby has been waiting to be born since Maggie first revealed her pregnancy way back in episode 6x05 — an episode that originally aired in November 2015.

An unofficial time line for the series puts the events of 6x05 taking place 552 days into the zombie apocalypse.

Glenn died about seven weeks later on day 598, and season 7 took place over just two weeks. Season 8, which picked up immediately where season 7 left off, has spanned less than a week.

Maggie has only been carrying Glenn's child for around 10 weeks, but that hasn't stopped fans from taking to social media to call out Maggie's lack of a baby bump.

The controversy was addressed by a representative for the show, who said comparing the growth between Baby Rhee and an aging Judith would be "dissecting time and not something the show has done."

Fans hoping to see the birth of Glenn and Maggie's baby will have more waiting to do: executive producer Scott Gimple said the baby won't arrive during season 8, which concludes April 15.

In Robert Kirkman's ongoing comic books, Maggie didn't deliver the child until after the All Out War arc — currently serving as the basis for season 8 of the television show — had concluded.

Maggie and Glenn's child first appeared in issue #130, which took place after a significant time skip. Maggie named the boy Hershel in honor of his late grandfather.

Last summer, Yeun said he is "totally down" to return as Glenn by way of flashback or dream sequence.


Actress Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, is the only major Walking Dead cast member yet to re-sign a new contract for season 9, expected to debut on AMC in October. The ongoing contractual dispute between Cohan's camp and AMC currently leaves Maggie's fate in the air.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.