‘Fear The Walking Dead’ 4x06 Preview Released

AMC has released the preview for Fear The Walking Dead 4x06, “Just In Case.”

Per the official synopsis:

Strand wrestles with Madison's decisions; things take an unexpected turn at the Stadium.

4x05, “Laura,” slowed things down to explore the romantic history behind John Dorie and ‘Laura,’ a.k.a. Naomi, who admitted her mutual feelings for the gunslinger by way of Scrabble tiles before sneaking away.

In the present, John learned of Naomi’s supposed death in 4x04 when a blasé Alicia told him she “didn’t make it out” of the baseball stadium the always-running Naomi had come to call home.

Alicia, Strand, and Luciana, “they think the only thing left is to fight and kill and die,” Morgan tells John before the two decide to stop wasting time as the trio continue down the path of revenge for the ruination of the baseball stadium, the fresh death of Nick, and the still-unknown fate of de facto leader Madison.

The next episode sees Morgan and John come across a man who has ties to the Vultures or came across one, as he's in possession of the same sort of map leading the vengeful trio towards a meet up spot.

“I seen one’a these before,” John says. “It belonged to a guy in an El Camino.”

That Camino belonged to Ennis, the Vulture Nick killed — the same kill that resulted in his own murder at the hands of young Vulture spy Charlie.

John unfurls a crinkled map. On it, “Midday After 10 Nights.” The pen-drawn map includes such locations as ‘Delmont’ and ‘Elwood,’ with a star near ‘Pikes Creek’ and another star within a circle at ‘Ashburn.’

John, who until recently has been reluctant to use his duel guns — for reasons explained this past episode — then wounds the man in an effort to get him to talk, a move that makes Morgan visibly flinch.


Morgan is desperately clinging to his “all life is precious” is philosophy, and reacted with disgust when John suggested he might have agreed with the violent attitudes expressed by Alicia, Strand, and Luciana in the wake of finding out Laura-slash-Naomi has apparently perished before the two could reunite.

Fear The Walking Dead airs “Just In Case” Sunday, May 20 at 9/8c on AMC.