'The Walking Dead's Chandler Riggs On What Carl Wrote To Enid

The Walking Dead's Chandler Riggs has no idea what Carl Grimes wrote in his letter to Katelyn Nacon's Enid.

Before his death in the AMC's zombie show's eight season, Carl left a number of letters behind to communicate with the remaining survivors one last time. Those letters included his father Rick, his step-mother Michonne, and his former enemy Negan. While those three notes have all been touched upon as far as their content goes, the letter to Enid remains a mystery, even to Riggs himself. The actor opened up about the letter-writing process during a panel at Walker Stalker Con in Nashville, Tennessee.

"No idea," Riggs admits. "Honestly, when I was writing the letters, they just had me write random stuff. I didn't know what I was writing until later. I think when we were shooting Episode 9, they just had me write like eight of the same letter to Negan and to Rick just for the camera and everything."

Maybe, if Enid is ever going to read her letter during an episode, Riggs will have to jot down a batch of words for the AMC show's prop department and both he and the audience will find out.

Riggs does admit, though, that Carl and Enid's relationship could have been interesting moving forward given their similarities and differences.

"I think they have a very interesting relationship," Riggs said. "They could relate a lot but they were never really on the same... They didn't really have similar ideals. Carl was really dead set on killing Negan. Enid was not so much. I don't really know how it would've gone. It definitely would've been really cool."

In a video which was released prior to Riggs' final episode of The Walking Dead's airing, Nacon bid Riggs a touching farewell from the show he dedicated nearly a decade to. "I never really thought I would be making a video like this," Nacon said. "It's been a lot of fun working together, getting to know you, you've helped me out so much through this experience and it's going to be very different without you on set and even off set. But yeah, I just wanted to kind of say thank you. And I know you're only gonna do bigger and better things from here, so I just wish you the best of luck, even though you don't really need it. But yeah, good luck. Bye bud."


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