'The Walking Dead' Creator Signs Deal for '5 Year' Series

After a decade on TV examining what the world looks like after a sudden and unanticipated global calamity, Robert Kirkman's Skybound will soon partner with eOne Entertainment to produce and distribute a very different apocalyptic tale.

Per Deadline, 5 Year is based on a story by Kirkman that follows the fate of society in the final five years before an unstoppable meteor destroys the planet.

The twist? Various different versions of the series will be developed for different markets around the world, with regional talent and languages used, effectively allowing different cultures to tell their version of the story. Presumably, super-fans will be working to track down foreign editions of the series so that they can check in on what is going on outside of their market.

Deadline reports that there are already deals in place with Korea, the UK, Latin America, Germany, India Russia, China, and Italy.

“One of our biggest goals at Skybound is to elevate creators by offering them a platform to create compelling stories,” Kirkman told Deadline. “Working on 5 Year is an exceptional experience because it gives us the opportunity to see how writers and directors across the world tell different stories with the same core ingredients....We’re excited to have eOne’s expertise in global storytelling for this project.”

“We couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity to work on a truly innovative project that blends multiple, local productions seamlessly into a story as it happens globally,” said Peter Micelli, eOne’s Chief Strategy Officer, Film & TV. “Robert’s talent for creating content universes and connecting with audiences through bold storytelling makes this partnership most exciting for us and we are thrilled to join forces with him and the Skybound team to bring a multi-level story like the 5 Year universe to audiences around the world....In Skybound, we have found a partner that shares our drive to create future-facing content with worldwide appeal that challenges conventions and spark imaginations.”


While eOne has handled international distribution for The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead for some time, do not expect this series to head to AMC automatically. Kirkman recently signed an overall deal with Amazon, making them a likely suitor in the U.S.

The series is expected to run for five seasons.