The Walking Dead Season 10 Trailer Teases Alpha vs. Carol Confrontation

The Walking Dead Season 10 will bring Carol (Melissa McBride) and Whisperer leader Alpha (Samantha Morton) face to face, and Carol is out to avenge the murder of son Henry (Matt Lintz): “Bitch has to die.”

When appearing on Talking Dead in April, McBride said a showdown with Morton’s Alpha “would be really fun,” even if it’s Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who slays the villain in the comic books. “But I know how it goes down in the comic book, it’s Negan, and I think that would be really interesting, too,” she said.

Such a battle would be pitting “the biggest evil against the biggest evil,” McBride added, but an uncaged Negan acting as more of a good guy could seal his redemption. “Is this a way for him to redeem himself to take her out, for the people that he has come to perhaps really, really like?”

The Season 10 trailer shows Carol, best friend Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Alexandria leader Michonne (Danai Gurira) confronted by the Whisperers at the border once erected with a vicious warning: cross this line and die. It’s there Henry was one of ten victims whose severed head was gruesomely displayed on a pike, a loss so devastating it forced the separation of Carol and husband Ezekiel (Khary Payton).

“What did I tell you about crossing my border?” Alpha hisses. “You have to be punished.”

“Obviously, we know that our people have crossed the border before. The border continues to be an issue, and as with borders in our world and in life, what is a border?” showrunner Angela Kang told EW.

“It’s something where one group has said, ‘Hey, this is the border. Don’t cross.’ Our people are dealing with, ‘Do we live with that? Can we live with that? What does that mean?’ When they crossed the border at the end of last season, they discovered that the Whisperers weren’t there, or at least they think they’re not.”


She added: “There are some pretty strange and interesting things that happen around that story having to do with those lines, and whether you can cross them, and what happens when you’re caught.”

The Walking Dead Season 10 premieres Sunday, October 6 on AMC.