The 2018 Golden Issue Award for Best TV Guest Appearance

When TV shows go on for years, the cast members and character become embedded in their audience's lives. Certain appearances after long absences or for the first time, no matter how brief, are often enough to rile up those fans and leave a lasting impact on a series.'s Golden Issue Award for Best TV Guest Appearance will go to the moment which did just that.

This year saw several epic moments with characters and actors returning to shows or appearing for the first time to make a memory which the audiences won't forget. John Noble popped into Legends of Tomorrow as himself, as did Beebo for an epic showdown. Paul Rudd stopped into iZombie and The Walking Dead brought back a pair of cast members from its earliest seasons. However, there can be only be one winner.

And the winner of Best TV Guest Appearance is...


Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh on The Walking Dead!

To celebrate the final episode of The Walking Dead which would feature Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, a trio of cast members were brought back for a trip down memory lane. The late Scott Wilson reprised his role as Hershel Greene, Sonequa Martin-Green appeared as Sasha, and Jon Bernthal put his Punisher duties aside for a moment for an exciting return as Shane Walsh.

The moment brought a nostalgic feeling to viewers as it recreated a scene from the show's first episode back in 2010. In it, Rick Grimes found a bit of closure in regards to his guilt for killing Shane back in the show's second season.

"You need to forget that s---," Shane told Rick regarding his own murder. "I am the a--hole. Same as you really. I don't think a thing, really, I know you're an a--hole. I like to take credit for that actually, Rick, when I think about it. I'm sure others did influence you, but I'd like to take credit for it."


It was an unforgettable scene and an absolute tribute to both Andrew Lincoln's run on The Walking Dead and all of the fans who have been with the AMC series since the beginning.

Full list of nominees:

  • Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh - The Walking Dead [WINNER]
  • Beebo as Itself - Legends of Tomorrow
  • John Noble as Himself - Legends of Tomorrow
  • Paul Rudd as Himself - iZombie
  • Scott Wilson as Hershel Greene - The Walking Dead