After The Dead: Live Fear The Walking Dead Interview With Executive Producer Dave Erickson And Surprise Cast Member

In the final episode of After The Dead: Fear Edition, Walking Dead Insider Brandon Davis is joined for a live interview with the show's executive producer, Dave Erickson.

After a whirlwind of a season finale, Brandon and Dave will recap the events that just occurred. They will talk about the season in its entirety, the ups and downs the show has experience, and what lead the characters to where they are now.

In addition, Brandon asks Dave about the show's direction going forward. What can fans expect from season three? Will there ever be a crossover between Fear and The Walking Dead? Will the entire group ever completely reunite?

After the exclusive interview with Dave Erickson, Brandon will be joined by Fear The Walking Dead star, Danay Garcia.

Garcia portrays Luciana on the show, and will come on to talk about the crazy events surrounding the finale. She will try and shed some light on her fate, faith, and relationships following this season's events.


After The Dead will continue on October 23 with the return of The Walking Dead.

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