Nerdist Issues Statement on Chris Hardwick's Name Being Added Back as Founder

Last week, Chris Hardwick's name was restored to the Nerdist website. Now, the geek publication [...]

Last week, Chris Hardwick's name was restored to the Nerdist website. Now, the geek publication has issued a statement about the restoration.

In a message posted to Twitter, Nerdist provided an official updated statement about Hardwick's name being returned to the site emphasizing that the site's status in supporting women and victims of harassment and assault has not changed just that the mention of Hardwick on the site is "factually true".

"Last week, our parent company completed its investigation into the allegations against Chris Hardwick and issued a statement on our site that reinstated a mention of Hardwick as the founder of Nerdist, which is factually true," the statement reads. "This statement is not intended to imply any change in our ongoing support of women and victims, nor does it change our business relationship with Hardwick, which concluded in 2017."

"Our shows and stories are created by a team of people dedicated to making nerd culture and the internet a more positive, inclusive, and thoughtful place. We hope to continue to embody that mission with our content, our community, and most importantly, our actions."

The statement went on to provide contact information for a variety of resources and support for those affected by abuse and violence.

Nerdist previously scrubbed Hardwick's name from their publication after allegations by Chloe Dykstra were published on the actress' Medium account, which claimed abuse by her ex-boyfriend without ever naming him directly. In the wake of the essay, Hardwick was removed from hosting duties of various panels at San Diego Comic-Con and was replaced on an episode of Talking Dead by frequent guest Yvette Nicole Brown.

In response, Hardwick claimed he had no part in Dykstra's claims of emotional and sexual abuse. AMC networks investigated the claims, though Dykstra said she did not take part in the investigation and concluded that Hardwick committed no wrongdoing. He has since been reinstated with last night's Talking Dead marking his return to the Walking Dead-centric after show, though the show is set to be pre-taped for all but the last episode of Fear The Walking Dead season 4B.