Did You Catch Tara's Nod To Glenn In The Last Episode Of The Walking Dead?

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead season seven!It's been almost two months since the [...]

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead season seven!

It's been almost two months since the brutal season six premiere of The Walking Dead, and fans are still having a hard time dealing with the loss of Glenn Rhee.

In episode five of this season, it was evident that Glenn's spirit was still with the characters, as Maggie made many of her decisions based on his legacy. She even declared that her last name was Rhee, signifying the eternal bond of their relationship.

This past episode was all about Tara, Heath, and Oceanside, but there was still a slight nod to Glenn in the opening ten minutes. If you weren't paying close attention, you probably missed it.

When Tara and Heath were talking about their journey, Heath mentioned there was nothing left to find. Tara, with a smile on her face, quickly responded, "There's nothing left in this world that isn't hidden. We just have to find it."

If this quote sounded familiar, it's because Glenn said it over two seasons ago.

In the second episode of seaosn five, just after the group has found the church, everyone splits up to look for supplies. Glenn, Maggie, and Tara check an abandoned building, and Glenn finds three pistol supressors in a mini-fridge. When Tara asks him how he found them, he responds, "There's nothing left in this world that isn't hidden."

glenn twd s5
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Glenn and Tara had a unique relationship, as they found each other just after the prison war. Tara was with the governor, but she didn't fire a single shot during the battle. After finding out she was partly responsible for Hershel's death, Glenn still took Tara under his wing anyway. They formed a deep friendship over the course of seasons four and five, and Tara has learned alot from their bond.

At this point in the recent episode, Tara still had no idea Glenn had been killed. She was speaking fondly about a friend she was looking forward to seeing in just a short time, only to be devastated at the end of the episode.

No matter how long Glenn is gone from The Walking Dead, his memory will continue to live on in the lives of the characters whom he touched.

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