Ezekiel's Tiger Reportedly On The Walking Dead Season 7 Set

ezekiel shiva

When The Walking Dead returns for its seventh season, it will definitely have some promises to fulfill for fans. However, beyond Negan's big kill, the show will have to go on and explore new worlds and the characters who inhabit them.

One such character is Ezekiel. In short, Ezekiel is the leader of a yet-to-be-introduced community called The Kingdom. He considers himself a King and rules as such, with some level headed approaches to guiding his group. Being a zookeeper prior to the apocalypse, Ezekiel kept one of his faithful pets around when the world fell apart: a tiger named Shiva.

New reports from The Spoiling Dead Fans claim that not only is The Walking Dead's seventh season going to introduce Ezekiel but also Shiva. Ezekiel is said to not only have been cast but has already filmed some scenes for the third episode of the seventh season. By his side, his pet tiger who will be pulled off through "a mix of animatronics and CGI."

Game of Thrones has had no trouble using real wolves to integrate to their shows in its six seasons but The Walking Dead may not have the budget, patience, or insurance policies to bring a real tiger to the set.

Shiva's earliest scenes in the comics were fairly contained. The big cat does eventually spring into action though, devouring zombies and enemies and (spoilers --) going on to sacrifice herself to save Ezekiel. Yes, the tiger is immune to the outbreak. How closely the TV adaptation of Shiva will mirror the comic book version is to be seen.


While talking to sources involved with The Walking Dead prior to production on season seven began, ComicBook.com was told that the show is "trying" to bring Shiva to life and that we can expect to see the tiger in the trailer at San Diego Comic Con. Let's hope that holds true.

The Walking Dead will return for its seventh in October.