‘Fear’ Stars Pick ‘The Walking Dead’ Characters They Want to Crossover With Next

The stars of Fear The Walking Dead hope to cross paths with The Walking Dead’s Carol (Melissa McBride) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) should the two series have another crossover.

Sitting down with Variety ahead of Friday’s San Diego Comic-Con panel, the stars of Fear season 4 were asked which character from the flagship series they most want to see show up in their corner of the Walking Dead universe:

Stumped, series newcomer Garret Dillahunt admitted he “can’t think of one.” Maggie Grace, who boarded the franchise as story-focused video journalist Althea, quickly pointed to Rick Grimes’ daughter, Judith.

“You wanted to be Negan!” Luciana actress Danay García told Dillahunt, who flirted with potentially playing Negan on The Walking Dead before that role went to Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

“I want Carol to come over, I want to do some stuff with Carol,” said Jenna Elfman, who joined this season as Naomi-slash-Laura-slash-June. “I think that would be really fun.”

“[Melissa McBride] came over actually and sort of shadowed a director on our [episode],” added Dillahunt. The Walking Dead veteran also appeared briefly in a surprise cameo in the earliest moments of the Fear season 4 premiere, attempting to prod a distant Morgan (Lennie James) into staying in Virginia.

“Melissa was shadowing Michael Satrazemis while he was directing our ‘Laura’ episode, and that was really fun,” Elfman said.

James, who exited The Walking Dead after season 8 and jumped to Fear in season 4, bridging the two series for the first time, said the mini reunion on the Fear set “freaked out” onlookers.

“We actually went for lunch, myself and Melissa, in Austin, and there were a few people who were seriously freaked out by seeing the two of us sat down for lunch [laughs],” James said. “People were like, ‘Wait now, what?’ So that was fun.”

“You never know, anything can happen,” series star Alycia Debnam-Carey teased of her Alicia Clark, last surviving member of the decimated Clark clan, interacting with any of Morgan’s old Walking Dead allies. Grace chimed in similarly, teasing, “Never know who you’re gonna see.”

“I’d love to see Michonne,” García said of the katana-wielding badass played by Danai Gurira. “Oh yeah, that’s a great one,” Debnam-Carey added.

“I think I would like to meet her without fighting her or anything, just friendly conversation. Just normal — it doesn’t have to be all dramatic,” García explained. “It’s all drama on our shows,” Debnam-Carey said with a laugh.


“I like to feel that we can have a conversation,” García said. “Put the sword aside, we can talk, it’ll be fun.”

Fear The Walking Dead debuts a new season 4B trailer during its July 20 San Diego Comic-Con panel. The back half of the season debuts Sunday, August 12 on AMC.