Fear The Walking Dead: Watch The Talked About Scene from Do Not Disturb

In what promised to be an exciting episode, Do Not Disturb definitely left audiences with a lot to talk about. The new episode of Fear The Walking Dead ended with a bang as Chris shot a seemingly innocent man without hesitation. While this moment had fans in shock, it was Alicia who brought us the Talked About scene of the week.

Elena and Alicia were both looking for their loved ones, and they stumbled across the dangerous group that had Elena's nephew. They requested the keys to the resort in exchange for his freedom, but Alicia wasn't about to let them leave without some trouble.

Knowing her mother was in the room filled with walkers, and that this group needed to pay for their threats, Alicia opened the door and released an army of walkers.

Danger was imminent with this bold move, but Alicia was quick on her feet. She pulled her new friends behind the door with her, and they were able to stay safe from the horde that was emerging.

This scene was yet another step on Alicia's journey toward becoming the most ruthless characters on the show. While Chris and Nick have made some crazy decisions during the apocalypse, Alicia is emerging as a logical force to be reckoned with. She is making quick decisions and saving the lives of others, and all for the chance of helping her friends and family.


Will Alicia continue to take over as the true leader of the show? Will Madison and Strand accept her decisions as she continues to grow? Keep watching Fear The Walking Dead to find out!