Fear The Walking Dead: Watch The Talked About Scene from Pillar Of Salt

Another episode of Fear The Walking Dead is in the books, and Pillar of Salt provided quite a few moments to talk about.

While there was a ton of action surrounding the hotel, La Colonia, and Narcos, the scene to talk about this week was one of the calmest moments of the episode.

When Madison returned from the grocery store, she rushed to the top of the hotel to turn the lights on. Even though this could be dangerous, she is certain that Nick isn't far away. If he can see the hotel, he has a chance at finding her. Knowing this plan is extremely dangerous, Alicia confronts her mother.

This conversation was captivating, and it became the talked about scene of the week for two reasons.

First, Alicia finally called Madison out for showing Nick favoritism. Watching the show, it has become evident that Madison has always cared more for Nick than Alicia. Even if that isn't exactly how she feels, it's clear as day to others. Alicia has admitted to others that this has hurt her, and she finally uses this time to confront Madison.

Second, the lights being turned on, even for a brief moment, caused Travis to see the hotel from afar.

Travis was standing on a hill, looking down on the hotel as the lights went out. His appearance was more tattered than when we last saw him, and his beard has grown out. This means some time has elapsed.


The more important thing to notice here is that Chris wasn't by his side. Did Travis lose his son? Or did Chris run off with his new friends? Either way, it looks as though Travis has reunited with Madison.