Fear The Walking Dead: Who's On That Boat?

It's Fear season and the character's of AMC's zombie companion series are now filled with just [...]

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It's Fear season and the character's of AMC's zombie companion series are now filled with just that.

Fear the Walking Dead returned for its second season on Sunday night and with it, a cliffhanger, which is something all Walking Dead fans are certainly no strangers to. Be warned, the following contains spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead's season two premiere!

In Fear's return, the characters found themselves in the middle of a vast Pacific Ocean with a lot of supplies other apocalyptic survivors would love to get their hands on. Thanks to Alicia, some new threats may do just that.

Throughout the episode, Alicia hid away in her room on Strand's yacht and interacted with a boy who calls himself, "Jack." Just as the episode concluded, a boat spotted on the Abigail's radar started to get closer, apparently having found our group as a result of Alicia's conversations.

As for why Alicia could be naive enough to trust a stranger after watching Los Angeles burn to the ground, it's because she's looking for friendship.

"She's looking for a connection," Alycia Debnam-Carey tells ComicBook.com. "The dynamic of these people on the boat is very fragmented. She's always had to look out for herself, and suddenly everything has fallen apart, and now she's got no one to lean on. Her family's there, but it feels like everyone is a little disconnected. She's suffered a loss that no one's really even addressed. I don't even think she's really had time to grieve it. Like leaving her first love behind and the death of her neighbor. I guess she's just trying to find some normalcy in it, and here's this boy on the other line. It's like she almost forgets for a second that she is in this ridiculous situation."

"The most important part is that person she's talking to on the other line," Debnam-Carey says when asked about whether or not the approaching ship is a threat. "Is he looking for the same connection that she is? Is that connection real? Is that honesty and that joyfulness almost of it - is that authentic? These are human beings, and obviously no human being is just pure evil, generally speaking, I guess. These are human beings, and they probably just deep down want connection as well. It's just the way people go about it, sometimes it can lead them astray. We'll have to see."

But - when we asked the rest of the cast if there's a chance the inbound ship contains people who might turn out to be friendly, the perspective wasn't quite as bright.

Here's what Mercedes Mason, who plays Ophelia had to say:

"We never know, right? I mean, in theory, we all came together as make-shift families. There were three different families that came together. So, that's always a possibility. I mean, you know, there's also strength in numbers. Granted, resources are slim, but strength in numbers means we can protect each other. So, there's absolutely a chance that it could be good people who want to help. Or, who knows, again, they might want to take what we have. But, you know, we also have a lot of personalities on board. Daniel, I don't think, wants to risk helping anyone whereas Alicia, Ophelia, we want to help if we can. So, we're also going head to head against each other as to what the proper thing to do is on the boat for life."

And Frank Dillane, who plays Nick:

"A think chance. There's a thin chance, but if history shows us anything, if you ever see a boat approaching at the end of an episode, omens are usually bad. But I can't remember. I haven't seen it yet. I'm going to watch it tonight. I'm trying to thing which that boat is. I think, I don't know, assume the worst, hope for the best."

Lorenzo James Henrie, Fear's Chris, wasn't willing to spoil anything:

"Oh. I don't know what ... You're going to have to find out."

And while Colman Domingo - Fear's Victor Strand - was optimistic, he's also realistic.

I hope so. (laughs) Wouldn't that be nice? But I don't think that, that would make great television.

If everyone nice... No. You need conflict. I don't know, maybe they are trying to off us. I have no idea. But the one thing that's for sure, is that we are on a secret yacht. And that is coveted by all because we can survive longer. We can go further. We are amply stocked. And that is going to challenge a lot of other people who are out there on these boats trying to also get out of LA. There is no law anymore. There is no law in this world, it's like you do what you can to feed you family, to take care of yourself and move forward.

Looks like Fear the Walking Dead is going to keep us guessing until next week's episode. What did you think of the season premiere?

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM ET on AMC.