Fans Slam 'Walking Dead' Decisions In 'Talking Dead' Comment Section

While some fans have accepted death as a part of The Walking Dead, others are having a harder time with the more recent and upcoming loss and are vocal about it in the Talking Dead Facebook page's comment section.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead midseason 8 finale follow.

The death of Carl Grimes has enough fans of the AMC series and its comic book source material outraged, petitions have been formed and nearly 30,000 people have signed it. Now, though, fans are taking their dissatisfaction to the Talking Dead Facebook page when the AMC recap show asked for questions for their returning episode.

"Don't through your #TWD questions away," the post writes. "Send them to us so we can answer them when #TalkingDead returns February 25th, 2018."

Some of the top-rated comments, as captured in screenshots posted to Reddit, are backfiring for the call out. The current top comment reads, "How much longer is Gimple going to be allowed to destroy this show?"

Then, a flurry of requests to see the showrunner fired follow. "Gimple needs to go," writes Christine Kirkwood. "Show is dead. #firescottgimple."

The next comments read as follows: "Is Gimple fired yet? That is my question," from Tracy Sanders. "Why have AMC killed off Carl just so they can move away from the comics..." from Sean Mellor. "When you guys cancelling so we can move on and accept it as a flop?" asks Brad Timms.

The claims are a bit outrageous and do no reflect the entire Walking Dead fanbase, though the pile-up didn't stop there. "Why kill Carl who has such a great story line and keep characters who do nothing for the show alive?" Lindsay Bible asks. "When are you going to fire Gimple for killing off Carl? He and his morons who are writing the show need to go!" Sharon Allen proclaims.


Several others continue to call for the departure of Gimple from the series. Still, there are a few fans who jump into conversation to defend the series, calling deaths like Carl's its natural progression. Needless to say, it's unlike Chris Hardwick reads any of these emotional requests during his next episode of Talking Dead when The Walking Dead returns in 2018.

The Walking Dead returns for the second half of its eighth season on February 25, 2018. For complete coverage and insider info all season long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter.