First Ever 'The Walking Dead' Walker Returned For Episode 100

Sunday night's Season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead was loaded with callbacks and references to previous seasons, including the return of an iconic walker.

As Rick and Carl explored an abandoned gas station, the father-son duo came across an awfully familiar looking walker. She bore a striking resemblance to Addy Miller's "little girl" walker from the premiere episode of the series. This was not only because the make-up was made to resemble the original little girl's ripped open face but also because the now-17-year-old Miller came back for the part.

"They had to film me separately from Andrew because he's known to spill some spoilers, so they had me in hiding the whole time so the crew couldn't even know," Miller told HuffPost. In fact, executive producer Greg Nicotero directed the milestone Episode 100, and admitted to he was completely unaware Miller returned for the big moment.

im sorry, the old summer cant come to the phone right now. Why???? oh, because she’s dead.

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"I introduced myself to these brand new crew members like, 'Hi, I'm Lily,'" Miller said. "The original people who've been there since Season 1, they obviously knew it was me, but we were all like, 'Shhh! Keep it a secret!' So I had to be in hiding the whole time."

Miller is currently looking at schools in the North Carolina area as she prepares to head off to college next year. For more Easter eggs and callbacks in The Walking Dead Episode 100, check out's Recap to the Rescue video at the top of the page!


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