FTWD: Mercedes Mason Teases Carol Transformation For Ofelia, More Flashback Episodes

The conclusion to the first half of Fear the Walking Dead's second season was brutal, especially [...]

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The conclusion to the first half of Fear the Walking Dead's second season was brutal, especially for one character in particular: Ofelia. Yes, Strand said goodbye to a lover and Madison watched her son walk away from her, but Ofelia lost her father only days after losing her mother. She is now truly alone.

Heading into the second half of Fear's second season, Ofelia Salazar will be a changed character. The apocalypse forces everyone to evolve and while we've been seeing Ofelia grow and equip herself with survival skills to a small extent thus far, the upcoming episodes are all or nothing according to actress Mercedes Mason.

"She is Bruce Wayne, now we know that!" Mason jokes about the orphaned Ofelia. But in fact, it's not Bruce Wayne that we may see Ofelia evolve into but, rather, a certain bad-ass female from older sister show The Walking Dead.

"She is at a point where either she is gonna be broke or she's gonna pull a Carol from The Walking Dead," the actress says more seriously. "That's what we're gonna discover about her in the back half of the season, but she's lost everything. In her mind, she's absolutely orphaned. I know she can survive but it's gonna be, 'Does she want to?' It's all psychological at this point. Does she want to go on? If she does, how is she gonna do it or is it, 'You know what? I have nothing else to lose. Bring it.' She's literally been shot, she's lost her mom and her father. She's lost everything she loves and she doesn't trust these people. Bring it. What else could possibly happen to her? I think when you have nothing to lose, you have nothing to lose so there is no fear. I think that could be the other option. She's either gonna do herself in or she's gonna become Carol."

Mason has been a huge fan of The Walking Dead since the series began in 2010, hosting viewing parties at her home and dodging spoilers left and right. "That's what I want!" she says of the potential transformation into Fear's Carol equivalent. "I've been barking up their tree like you wouldn't believe!"

Not only will we be seeing the evolution of Ofelia as time passes but we'll also be learning about who she was prior to the apocalypse. "There will be a flashback with Ofelia," Mason promises. "There's two or three episodes in the second half that I absolutely love and it's gonna say a lot about her character. We'll definitely understand what's going on in her head and the choices she makes because of it after the flashbacks."

"You'll really see how and why she lived for her parents more than herself," Mason reveals of the flashbacks. "She really was a good girl. She wasn't Amish, but she definitely had a bit of a secret life that her parents didn't know about but in all good thinking. In one of the flashbacks, you'll see, she had a choice to do one thing and she chose her parents over that choice. I think that sort of haunts her and now that her parents aren't around, it's forced her to look at herself and all the choices she's made and what it means for her life. Sometimes, when you realize you should've done A, B, C, or D and you have that opportunity to do it now, you feel like you have to take it. I feel like she's at that precipice where either she's gonna completely crumble and say 'What's the point of it all? Let's just end it,' or 'Live now, for me. Enough. It's my time now.'"

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