Josh Holloway And Sarah Wayne Callies Spill Colony Season 2 Details

Having wrapped up its first season months ago, USA's Colony was one of the most intriguing new series in recent years. In the midst of a long hiatus leading up to the show's second season, the characters were last scattered and facing the bigger threats than ever before, though they're largely mysterious and quite unknown.

When the show returns, we will finally get more details on whatever is happening up there on the moon with The Factory but we'll also be seeing much more than that. Colony's mythology will only be expanding as it builds on its world in season two and gives audiences better looks outside the wall.

Speaking to its leading cast members, The Walking Dead alumni Sarah Wayne Callies and LOST alum Josh Holloway at San Diego Comic Con, we got all of the insider info for what we can expect when Colony returns in 2017.

"It's getting darker by the nature of subject matter, it's definitely getting darker on both sides, and it's much more expansive," Holloway says of Colony's second season. "We get to see into the different corners of the world that was laid out in season one and even further, beyond the wall, into Santa Monica block, a little more exploration of the sci-fi. It's starting to open up and be a story not only about the Bowman family. That is still at the center, however it is expanding, and the storylines and characters are developing which are opening up more questions and more answers so it's getting exciting."

"I think we're also starting to dive into the other sides of oppression," Callies adds. "Which is to say there's a dictatorship and there's walls, curfews, but there's also the intellectual exploitation which we saw with our daughter at the very end of the season with her being brainwashed right under our eyes and what is they're teaching her and why."

Split up and not seeing eye to eye, the two heads of the Bowman family having conflicting ideas about what steps to take next and who to side with, but their priorities are in similar places.

"We're still facing that loss of children and trying to bring it back together," Holloway explains. "For me and my character, that's it. Until he can accomplish that he can't go forward and much more."

As for the potential threat of aliens and just who the "Hosts" are, we couldn't crack the secrets yet. After being asked if there was an alien threat, Callies quickly joked, "I think we've determined that they're not Canadians."

"Yes, the sci-fi element is opening up more," Holloway assures us. "How far, we don't know yet."

Production on Colony's second season began recent and it will return on USA in 2017.