King Ezekiel Reigns In The Walking Dead's New Promo

With all of the death and turmoil surrounding the newest season of The Walking Dead, it seems about time for something a little happier. In the next episode of the acclaimed AMC series, our prayers will be answered.

What could be happier than an episode about a jolly-dreaded king with a pet tiger?

If you said nothing, you are correct.

At the end of season six, Morgan and Carol were found by a few men on horseback, who we now know as soldiers from The Kingdom. The two characters were taken back to the community while Rick was getting his other friends killed, and the upcoming episode will show what the they have been up to.

For comic readers, you've been anticipating this episode for a long time. If we're seeing The Kingdom come to life, that means we will get our first look at its leader, King Ezekiel.

This week, a new preview for the episode surfaced online. It's obviously advertising for a Spanish-speaking audience, but the audio is all in English. Additionally, much of the footage looks brand new. Take a look!

We've seen some clips from Ezekiel up to this point, but this is one of the first extended looks of the character. He's stoic, charming, and seems to be telling a lot of secrets.

If there's one theme to this 30-second trailer, it's that everyone in The Kingdom is hiding something.

In a few of the clips, while Ezekiel is talking about keeping a secret from his people, The Kingdom's soldiers are taking up arms. What's even crazier; Morgan is with them. There's no indication as to who they could be going to battle against, but an educated guess would say The Saviors.

Ezekiel is seen getting his hands dirty in this clip as well. At one point he kneels, and drives a sword through something. Whether that something was living or dead remains to be seen, but it shows the ruler doesn't play around.

Perhaps the biggest reveal of the trailer came in a split-second, as a couple of pigs were eating what seemed to be a walker. You know what this means, right?


Bacon has returned on The Walking Dead!

The Well, the second episode of The Walking Dead's seventh season, will air on Sunday, October 30 at 9pm ET on AMC.