Norman Reedus On Walking Dead Season 7: "We Are No Longer The Alpha"

It's no secret that expectations for The Walking Dead's seventh season are higher than any to come [...]

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It's no secret that expectations for The Walking Dead's seventh season are higher than any to come before it. Following the emotion-stirring season six finale, the showrunners are fully aware of the pressure to deliver episodes which satisfy their loyal and massive fanbase.

Fans of The Walking Dead who have read the comics know that Negan's introduction hardly the only major character be introduced in the timeframe. New communities, characters and leaders should be emerging in season seven if the TV series follows the comics while brutality and death will also be peppered all over the coming episodes.

Several cast members have already sounded off on how brutal the coming season will be, including Aaron actor Ross Marquand who calls it, "brutal" and "intense." The series has a history of reinventing itself with every half season and season seven might just see biggest shift, following the themes laid out by Marquand's comments.

Speaking to Daryl Dixon actor Norman Reedus earlier today, I asked the fan-favorite how exactly The Walking Dead will be different when it returns in October and it sounds like the series will follow the comics, at least to an extent, and build on the brutal world we've come to know. He has previously predicted that the entire world will explode when we see what's next and here's why...

"There's different worlds now," Reedus says. "There's different characters. There's a change of power on the show. Negan coming in has flipped our whole script so to speak. We are no longer the Alpha right now. It's a new world. It's a new, dangerous world in a different way now."

Following up the question talk about Alphas, readers of The Walking Dead comic witnessed a major plot twist with the leader of the Whisperers who goes by the name of Alpha involving the now beloved villain Negan. We'll keep it out of here for spoiler-sake but there has been some hinting towards Negan finding redemption.

Reedus doesn't care. "No," Reedus says flat out when asked if Negan could turn into a good guy on the TV series. "He's just pure evil."

The Walking Dead will return for its seventh season in October. You can catch Reedus on Ride with Norman Reedus for the next two Sundays at 10 PM ET on AMC.