Ride With Norman Reedus Recap With Spoilers: Crescent City

Different areas of Lafayette, Georgia cross the screen as Norman Reedus describes the things he [...]

(Photo: Mark Shafer/AMC)

Different areas of Lafayette, Georgia cross the screen as Norman Reedus describes the things he likes about the state. It has different aspects, some calm, some wild, and Reedus can appreciate the diversity. With this visit, he'll go on a three day trip across the state. Starting in Lafayette, he'll to New Orleans with his friend Brent Hinds who he met a concert in Atlanta.

The two meet up a small eatery in Lafayette called Taco Sisters. They have some coffee and Wake & Bake burritos. Brent explains that in his Alabama neighborhood he was raised on guns and motorcycles. When they get to New Orleans, Brent might just get another tattoo. He actually convinces Norman to get a matching tat with him before they hit the road.

On the road, Norman describes the massive amount of crawfishing in the area and admires the big trees in the swamps around him. He's riding a custom XCS with a sophisticated electronic system.

Their first stop is with Mike Clay, the 2013 Crawfish King. They're going to try and catch some for themselves and have some dinner. Norman grabs a net and sets out with everyone to see what they can catch. He jumps into the swamp with a net which he quickly breaks. And then another. A bit later, Reedus and Brent pick up another net and have a batch of crawfish. This swamp is home to the fastest crawfish according to the fisherman.

Before leaving, everyone picks a crawfish and watches them race each other. The winner gets its freedom. They pour the crawfish into a boiler and go to town eating them. After dinner, Norman and Brent head out. Norman says this day reminded him of the scene from One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest where Jack Nicholson took everyone fishing.

Riding down I-10, Norman and Brent head for Basinville, Louisiana. They're going to catch an alligator. Captain Tucker takes the two guys out on an air boat. They can't see anything beneath the water. Captain Tucker starts talking in a strange tone and language to the alligators until one finally approaches. He is able to touch its chin and pet it. He's been taking care of the alligator for years after finding it injured years ago. Captain Tucker explains his passion for alligators, animals he says have long term memory and remember him even after six years of absence.

The two set out again and ride through the night to Baton Rouge.

On the way, Brent's bike stalls and he blames Norman for turning his seat warmer on. He catches up and knocks Norman off of his bike on the side of the road. They pass the Hollywood Casino, a casino riverboat, and decide to get on. They post up at a slot machine first and lose a few cents for heading to the blackjack table where they learn they can only touch their cards with one hand. They win some and bounce.

90 minutes away is the tattoo shop Brent wants to head to for some Motorhead tattoos. On the way, they stop a shop called Middendorf's. Outside, they meet a guy who made his own custom electric high-tech bike. Brent and Norman are blown away by the bike's technology.

Later on, they arrive in the Big Easy. At the tattoo shop, Abracadabra, they meet Georgie and Cornbread. The shop is loaded with skeletal collectibles and other trippy decorations. Norman sits down to get his tattoo, the first he'll have gotten in a long while. It's inspired by Lemmy from Motorhead. It reads, "Lemmy" near Norman's collarbone and Brent gets an L inside of a spade.

The next day, Norman describes how New Orleans has bounced back from several difficult times. They set out looking for some voodoo which Norman calls one of the most misunderstand religions in the world. They meet voodoo high priestess Sally Anne Glassman. She describes her take on the religion and says it is about raising your own power and becoming your own participant in life. They grab some candles and set up. Sally recites some voodoo for Brent and Norman. Norman says it was very surprising to experience voodoo and see his friend in such a light as they ride out again.

Later, Brent and Norman go to eat in New Orleans. They order some local foods which they're both very impressed with but end up discussing their experience with Sally. Brent tells him he has learned to live life as worry free as possible and Sally helped clear his mind.

After eating, the two head to the Caramel Curves, an all female motorcycle group nearby. The group was founded just before Hurricane Katrina hit but they stand strong today. Inside, Norman and Brent meet the group and hear about their nicknames and riding styles. Heading outside, they all get ready for a ride. One rider tells them she has gotten up to 180 miles per hour on her trike on the highway. Another pulls of a full circle burnout while wearing heels. There are groups of Caramel Curves around the country now. Norman and Brent are extremely impressed with their riding passion and skills.

Suddenly, a roller derby team skates up to the group and Norman insists on taking a picture together. That night, the group all ride out together. After the ride, they all say their farewells. Reedus admires what the group is doing.

After parting ways with the Caramel Curves, Reedus and Hinds head for Bourbon Street to see a Boondock Saints themed bar. Groups of fans approach Norman and start taking pictures with him in the streets. After countless photos and fun with fans, they find a place to stop. Reedus sees a bar he recognized - he went there with Jon Bernthal and Steven Yeun once and someone tried to sell them mushrooms.

Capping the show, Reedus and Hinds sit down together but realize the crowds will form if they stay put. The next day, the two ride out across Louisiana bridges. Reedus leaves with much admiration for the city of New Orleans.