Robert Kirkman Teases Details Of Fear The Walking Dead Crossover

During Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead panel at San Diego Comic Con, the writer and creator of the hite Image/Skybound comics series and AMC TV show was plagued with questions he could hardly answer without giving too much away.

However, one of the more intriguing topics which came up was not prompted by the panel's moderator or any fan questions, but Kirkman himself.

While talking about the currently in print Whisperer War story arc, Kirkman was asked about when the idea of wearing the flesh of the undead as a mask spawned for the people who now call themselves the Whisperers. Without really anwering the question itself, Kirkman went on to tease a link between the characters of Fear the Walking Dead and the Whisperers met only in The Walking Dead comics, so far.

"I feel like it's something that probably evolved over time," Kirkman starts, before going on to tease, "Maybe they were putting blood all over their faces and were walking around in Mexico and went, 'Oh, it would probably be better if we just used skin.'"


The reference is clearly one of Nick Clarke and the others on Fear the Walking Dead who regularly cover themselves in zombie guts to blend in with the undead. In fact, the move is so common that it's hard to find photos of Nick from the second season in which he is not covered in the blood of the undead.

Furthermore, the group from the Tijuana group called La Colonia kept a pit of walkers at their walls, not only to fend off threats, but to have quick access to zombie blood should they need to explore outside the walls.

Later in the panel, a fan directly asked Kirkman if the characters of Fear the Walking Dead will go on to become Whisperers and he quickly dodged the topic, responding, "No comment," and skipping to the next fan's question.

Fear the Walking Dead recently ended its second season with its characters heading north of the Mexican-American border. Geographically, the characters would have a lot of ground to cover before running into Rick Grimes and company in Alexandria but the Safe-Zone exists at least a few years ahead of Nick, Luciana, Madison and the others' journey on Fear.

Don't get too excited for a crossover just yet.

"As of right now, no, there is no plan," Fear the Walking Dead executiver producer Dave Erickson told in an interview prior to the second season's second half began airing. "From a narrative perspective, nevermind the geography of it all, I think it would be too difficult to pull off. I don't think there's anything, as far as I've read in the comic, I don't think there's any trackway for that either. It's such a complicated proposition and I think for the time being, the two shows just need to exist in their own spheres."


Fear the Walking Dead will return for its third season in 2017. The Walking Dead will return for its seventh season on October 23. For complete coverage and insider info, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter.