The Parents Of The Director Behind The Walking Dead's Cliffhanger Aren't Speaking To Him


When the Season 6 finale faded to black, its director, Greg Nicotero, never expected so many fans to be this outraged with the cliffhanger ending. What should have led to a discussion about Jeffrey Dean Morgan's sensational performance as Negan, has devolved into a non-stop criticism about having to wait until next fall to find out who among Rick's group got a face full of Lucille.

Even Nicotero's parents, who are avid fans of The Walking Dead, are pressuring him to reveal who died in the finale's closing-seconds.

"It’s tremendously rewarding for me to be able to direct these episodes and be able to elicit emotion," Nicotero told EW. "My mom and dad called this morning and they were like, 'We had nightmares last night. You gotta tell us who it is.' My mom pulled the whole, 'Gregory, this is your mother, you need to tell me who dies.' I’m like, 'Mom I’m not allowed to tell you that.' So my mom and dad aren’t talking to me right now."

Season 7 of The Walking Dead will debut next October.

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