Another Iconic Walker Returned For 'The Walking Dead' Episode 100

Among the many Easter eggs and callbacks in The Walking Dead's 100th episode was the return of an iconic walker from Episode 1.

First was the secret return of Addy Miller. Miller played the "little girl" walker in the first scene of The Walking Dead's first episode. Now, the return of Joe Giles has been revealed. In the first episode of the AMC series, Giles played a walker which earned some spotlight camera time as he followed Rick Grimes through the streets of Atlanta.

Giles' well-dressed walker, sporting a suit with a purple button down and a tie, followed Rick Grimes through Atlanta. This time around, he was a weapon used by Rick to end the life of a Savior.

In Episode 100, Giles played the walker chained to a pole near a Savior lookout. Rick had stabbed the man and was ready to leave him for dead, eventually reanimating and becoming a part of the herd which would crash down on the Sanctuary. However, when the Savior promised Rick his "boy" was going to die in reference to Carl, Rick decided to free the walker and allow it to feed on the man.

TWD Joe Giles Walker Return

Giles' walker finally got a meal!

The Walking Dead has a tendency to re-use extras as walkers which is one of the 10 interesting facts learned on the show's set. This likely rules out any fan theories which will certainly pop up regarding a migration of walkers or Giles' walker being the same one. While the actor is the same, the walker is not.

This is not the first time Giles has reprised his role as a walker. He also appeared in the Guts and Triggerfinger episodes, as well as Fear the Walking Dead's Ouroboros episode, covered in crabs.


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