The Walking Dead: Carl Is Going To College

Education can be a tough subject in the zombie apocaylpse. There are only a few books to read, you don't have many tools left to learn with, and we can imagine most teachers didn't last very long.

Lucky for actors on The Walking Dead, the infection is only fictional.

Chandler Riggs, who portrays Carl on the AMC hit series, has announced he was accepted into college. In a tweet late Sunday night, Riggs tweeted out that he had been accepted into Auburn University.

Located in Auburn, Alabama, the school consists of around 22,000 undergraduate students, and about 28,000 when you include grad students. Their sports programs compete in the South Eastern Conference, and the Tigers are arch-rivals to cross-state powerhouse University of Alabama.

It's exciting to see Riggs pursuing a higher education, when many would argue that he doesn't have to. The money he's made on The Walking Dead, and the ability to book future projects once the show has ended, seems like enough to last him a lifetime. Riggs, however, is striving for an even better future.

Getting into college is an exciting moment, and Chandler's former co-star on The Walking Dead couldn't let it go without a Twitter shout-out.

Jon Bernthal, who played Shane for the first two seasons, tweeted a picture of the two standing together. The picture was taken when Bernthal was still on the show, so Riggs was still a young boy.


Bernthal called Riggs "C Nice" and let the young actor know he was proud of him. It's easy to understand how close the two must have gotten during their time together on the show, as many of their scenes overlapped during those first two season.

Good luck in college, Chandler! We wish you all the best.