The Walking Dead: Daryl Captures Negan in “Look at the Flowers” Clip

Daryl (Norman Reedus) ambushes Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in a clip from The Walking Dead 1014, [...]

Daryl (Norman Reedus) ambushes Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in a clip from The Walking Dead 1014, "Look at the Flowers," when Negan returns to the shack where he took Lydia (Cassady McClincy) prisoner in "Walk With Us." Negan had to use the girl as bait to lure her mother, Whisperer leader Alpha (Samantha Morton), into a trap that ended with Negan slicing Alpha's throat and bringing her zombified head to Carol (Melissa McBride). It was Carol who released Negan from jail with orders to infiltrate the Whisperers and kill Alpha, but with Carol away chasing ghosts, Negan is left with nothing but Alpha's flesh mask as proof he upheld his end of the deal.

"She is dead. She is dead, I killed her," Negan tells Daryl while staring down his crossbow. When Daryl calls him a liar, Negan unpockets her mask.

"Her mask ain't her head," Daryl growls, not knowing Carol already spiked Alpha's head at the Whisperer border where she discovered son Henry's (Matt Lintz) head displayed months earlier.

"The whole reason I threw in with them was so I could get close enough to Alpha to slit her throat," Negan spits out. "Now you talk about silencing the Whisperers, I silenced the Alpha. Why the hell else you think your girlfriend let me out of that cell?"

This is news to Daryl, out for revenge after Negan participated in the Whisperers' fiery attack that devastated the Hilltop and still pissed at Carol over reckless decisions made when carrying out her vendetta against Alpha.

"Her son was beheaded by this Alpha and she just sees red. She's making poor decisions," Reedus previously told EW. "I have that line, 'We don't fight for revenge. We fight for our future.' And it's me constantly picking up what she's dropping down and I'm not agreeing with it. And she's not listening. And it's poor decision making. It's when you make decisions that are from an emotional place and they're not thought out and she doesn't care who gets hurt. And after so many of these decisions ... it's just this blind rage that's leading her down at the start the path and it's not good for anybody."

Daryl hasn't seen Carol since just before the Whisperer War at Hilltop in 1011, "Morning Star," where he told her he could "never hate" her, even after Carol's actions caused Connie (Lauren Ridloff) to be trapped in a collapsed cave teeming with walkers.

"We think we're cool, and then she f—s it up. Then you think we're cool again, and she f—s it up again," Reedus continued. "And I'm like, 'Yeah, I have your back, but this is getting ridiculous.' And it ends up with this dynamite that she just won't let go and she has to sneak away in the dark and plant it on the rock formation that's going to come down and kill this horde. And it ends up that she almost gets herself killed. And it ends up getting two beloved characters trapped."

Despite Daryl and Carol's ten-year friendship, Reedus added, "The relationship is definitely not the same relationship anymore."

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