'The Walking Dead' Characters as Dogs Will Make Your Day

AMC's official The Walking Dead account has turned a bunch of dogs into characters from the zombie show.

Stick Grimes, Daryl Dachsund, and more are featured in the post from AMC's official account. It tags @lokibulloxer in the caption, as the dog owner turns their pup into several characters from the popular show and other titles.

Check out the photo of The Walking Dogs posted by AMC below!

Lokibulloxer shared several individual photos of the pup in character, with the costumes and props photoshopped into the frame.

Below is the dog in Michonne form!

Recent seasons weren't the only influence on the photo shoot, either. The Governor, a character who has been dead since Season Four, got in on the fun.

Check out Lokibulloxer as one of The Walking Dead's fan-favorite villains below.

And, of course, what would The Walking Dogs be without their fearless leader?


No one named him Bark Grimes, but this feels like the appropriate time to do so.

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