The Walking Dead: 'Easy Street' Writer Loves That His Song Was Used To Torture Daryl

Fans of The Walking Dead have one song that can't get out of their heads after this Sunday's episode. If you're walking around your office singing 'Easy Street', you're not alone.

In the recent episode, Negan and Dwight began trying to torture Daryl, in hopes of breaking him into savior-hood. In addition to feeding him dog food sandwiches, beating him to a pulp, and locking him in a dark cell, the Saviors forced Daryl to listen to the same song over and over again.

This wasn't just any song, either. Daryl was made to listen to 'Easy Street' on repeat. This song is happy and upbeat, and talks about everything Daryl's life isn't at the moment. The song wasn't just used as a torture method, but it was part of an entire Pavlov's dog experiment on Daryl. Everytime the song plays, Daryl gets fed. Eventually, Dwight will play the song, and skip Daryl's meal, causing him to go insane.

While the episode was dark, brooding, and emotional, only a song this fun and light-hearted could really have a shocking impact.

'Easy Street' was recorded by a band called The Collapsable Hearts Club, and the song's writer spoke out on its use on the show on Monday.

In an interview with Independent UK, James Bianco revealed that he was thrilled The Walking Dead chose to use his song for the scene. Not only that, but he thought it was brilliant that such a happy song was used in a torture scene.

"I didn't really understand why a show like The Walking Dead would want to use such an upbeat over-the-top, in your face "happy" song but now I understand - to torture someone, of course," Bianco said. "I think the show used it brilliantly; framing such an upbeat song as a torture advice is a work of genius by the music supervisor."

The use of 'Easy Street' reminded many fans of Tarantino's use of 'Stuck In The Middle With You' in his cult classic, Reservoir Dogs.


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Source: Independent