The Walking Dead Stars Submitted For Emmy Awards

The Walking Dead stars might finally earn the first Emmy Award for acting, between the entire ensemble and its nine seasons so far. Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan have both been submitted for consideration once again, this time in a different category. Lincoln and Cohan have been submitted for considering in the Guest Star category, given both cast members only appeared in five episodes for the most recent season. Neither have won an Emmy Award to date.

Meanwhile, series regulars Norman Reedus, Melissa McBeride, Danai Gurira, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Samantha Morton have been submitted for consideration. No actor from AMC's zombie apocalypse series has been recognized at the Emmy's, but Morgan has won a Critics' Choice Award for his role as Negan. Reedus and Morgan were submitted for Best Drama Supporting Actor. McBride, Gurira, and Morton were submitted for Best Drama Supporting Actress. Lincoln was submitted for Best Drama Guest Actor in Episode 9x05. Cohan was submitted for Best Drama Guest actor in Episode 9x05.

Cohan and Reedus previously opened up about their most challenging scenes on The Walking Dead from a performance perspective, offering up some insight on some of their most compelling performances. "I think for me the most challenging was Glenn dying because it was so long," Cohan said at San Diego Comic Con in 2018. "You do whole episodes where you finish the season, it came back the next season in that same emotional state. And so in a lot of ways you didn't really wind down in between time. And to kind of hold the space of that terror and as actors and as people to hold the secret, which is simultaneously one of the greatest gifts of this show...I mean for us all. I know it's when Maggie is in such pain when that's happening and the shock and the physical, emotional, the whole thing."

Meanwhile, Daryl actor Reedus cited a scene in Season 9 with Lincoln. "Episode Four of [Season 9] was one that Andy and I had together, it was f---ing epic, but it was really well written," Reedus said, referencing the episode in which Daryl and Lincoln's Rick Grimes found themselves together in a pit, fighting each other. "We worked on it and we really fine tuned it and got it to a place where it became sort of effortless. And it could've gone in so many different directions, but I think both of us are really proud of that."


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Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC. The Walking Dead returns for its tenth season in October. The Rick Grimes movies have not yet been given a release date.