The Walking Dead Fans React To Robert Kirkman's Reveal Of Negan's Kill

The mystery clouding The Walking Dead's off-season has been revealed! Or the show's writer and creator Robert Kirkman is just having a little fun and trolling fans. Earlier this week, Kirkman joined Chris Hardwick on @midnight and teased exactly who it was that Negan killed in those cliffhanging moments of the season six finale.

The Walking Dead fans reacted to the epic trolling on Twitter and they're not exactly happy with Kirkman. Some even believe he may not be kidding.

People say they want to know who it was that Negan unleashed Lucille upon but in reality, that's a spoiler which even the biggest fans of The Walking Dead would probably prefer be kept a secret until the show returns in October. Until then, it's all just theories and comment sections.


The Walking Dead returns for its seventh season in October on AMC.