The Walking Dead: Greg Nicotero Says Glenn Is His Favorite Character

Every single person involved with The Walking Dead has never had a bad thing to say about Steven Yeun. The actor portrayed Glenn on the show for six seasons, before being killed off in the seventh season premiere. Since his death, all of his co-workers have been coming out of the woodwork to sing his praises.

After the finale, Entertainment Weekly rounded up a few of The Walking Dead's stars and producers, and asked them to share their final thoughts on Steven Yeun and Glenn Rhee. One of the folks they interviewed was Greg Nicotero, executive producer on the show. (It's worth noting that Nicotero also served as the director of the episode where Glenn was killed.)

When asked about Glenn, Nicotero immediately responded with a question that fans tend to ask him quite often. Aside from "Who did Negan kill?" this may be the most asked question of producers and writers on the show.

"Who's your favorite character?"

According to Nicotero, he always had a quick answer for this one. He didn't ever had to think, and it was always an easy one.

"Anytime I'm anywhere on the street and people say, 'Who's your favorite character?' I always say, 'Glenn.' There's something so relatable about him, and Steven is the ultimate perfectionist. He always feels that he can do better even though he's amazing. He always wants to refine. He always wants to better himself as an actor and as a performer. For me, I looked forward to shooting scenes with him because he put so much energy and effort into his character."

(Photo: AMC)

That's extremely high praise for an actor to receive from his director, but there is a general notion that Yeun has always been at the top of his craft.

Nicotero went on to tell a story from season three where he and Steven re-wrote a scene on the fly. While the moment was chaotic, their chemistry provided one of the better scenes in the episode.

"There was a moment in season 3 where we were shooting a scene where we weren't really 100 percent sure if the dialogue was quite working, and we called the showrunner and he went, 'You know what, guys? Just run with it.' So Steven and I rewrote the scene and it was one of the best scenes of the episode. He's one in a million, man. The energy that he brings to set, his attitude — everything about him is A-level."

It's clear those on the set of The Walking Dead, as well as the audiences around the globe, will miss having Steven around. Glenn was one of the good ones, and we're all sad to see him go.


Source: Entertainment Weekly