'The Walking Dead' Reveals Jadis' Real Name

(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)

The Walking Dead revealed Jadis' real name in the midst of all of its narrative threads wrapping up in the Season Eight finales final moments.

After Morgan Jones journeyed to Jadis' trash heap, he told her the war was over and Rick's group was working to rebuild the world back in Alexandria. She was officially welcome to join, as Negan had fallen and Rick had a new outlook on civilization. When she accepted Morgan's visit to the trash heap and learned his name, she told him her name was, "Anne."

Perhaps "Anne" is what the "A" on the container where Rick was kept earlier in Season Eight stood for.

Anne is not a character in The Walking Dead comics but neither was Jadis. The trash heap story was entirely unique to the television series but gives the AMC show yet another character to play with in its sandbox when it returns for Season Nine.

"I always knew," McIntosh said of her character's big reveals in an interview on ComicBook.com's After the Dead.


Whether or not The Walking Dead will return to the trash heap for Season Nine is unknown. Anne, however, has some important information related to the location. For example, she had a connection to the mysterious helicopter which has plagued the series throughout Season Eight.

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