‘The Walking Dead’s Michael Cudlitz Shares Hilarious Abraham and Rosita Sex Scene Mishap

The Walking Dead stars Michael Cudlitz and Christian Serratos once had an under-the-covers mishap [...]

The Walking Dead stars Michael Cudlitz and Christian Serratos once had an under-the-covers mishap when filming a sex scene between Abraham and Rosita.

"Everything's covered and everybody's covered and everybody's respectful but it's like... we had to do a scene where we were together," Cudlitz recounted through laughs at San Jose Fan Fest.

"I'm on top of Christian and we're mostly naked, but not fully naked. We're all covered, and we're shooting this scene and at one point [the filmmakers are] like, 'There's certain directions you can move on TV and certain directions you can't move on TV. You can't go that way, but you can go that way. So we need less of that and more of that.'"

The intimate scene nearly left Serratos exposed, with the actress warning her on-screen lover not to move.

"I said, 'why?' She's like, 'you knocked off the thing covering me. Don't move!' And then we just started laughing, because it's ridiculous. It's two people, we barely know each other, lying on top of each other naked," Cudlitz said.

"And she's like, 'the thing that was between us, covering, is gone! So don't move.' Because the whole crew is like standing there and it's like 30 people eating Top Ramen and sipping coffee. And you're like 'don't move.' Okay, 'can we get somebody in with a robe? Because Christian's basically naked now.'"

"I had a hair piece in and we were doing such a great job that it came out," Serratos said with a chuckle. "So we had to replace it."

Rosita and Abraham shared an on-screen love scene in 505, where they were watched by a peeping Eugene (Josh McDermitt), and were later seen unclothed and in bed together in 611.

Cudlitz explained the process is "way more technical than it seems. Like way more technical."

"It's like a dance routine," agreed Serratos. "It's an 8-count."

"It is technical in many ways, but I think for me and probably for a lot of actors, there's a truth in those scenes still, and there should be a truth in those scenes, and you should feel turned on, and you should feel in love, or whatever is appropriate for the scene," added Pollyanna McIntosh, who plays Anne.

"No, I mean, come on, you're acting — you want to be in the character. We have to honor what's there and what's the truth in the scene."

Serratos agreed.

"The fact that we also get to work with other actors who we do trust and are able to be vulnerable with in scenes like that where it can be embarrassing or things that need intense emotion... you don't have to be afraid to try anything because nobody's gonna judge you here because you feel really safe with all your coworkers," she said.

"And you know, that doesn't really always happen, which is why we're very lucky to be on this show because we can really support each other."

Rosita has since struck up a romantic relationship with Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), who Serratos said was one of "a few" options for Rosita's new lover following the deaths of Abraham and Spencer (Austin Nichols).

The Walking Dead returns with new episodes Sunday, February 10 on AMC.