The Walking Dead Star Michael Cudlitz Hints Abraham Ford Could Appear on Fear TWD

Former Walking Dead star Michael Cudlitz says an Abraham Ford flashback “could definitely [...]

Former Walking Dead star Michael Cudlitz says an Abraham Ford flashback "could definitely happen" on Fear the Walking Dead. Season 4 of the spinoff revealed video journalist Althea (Maggie Grace) once encountered Abe and traveling companion Eugene (Josh McDermitt) in Texas, where Fear is now set, capturing the interview on a tape marked 'Abe / Doctor.' Fear appeared to hint at another Abe connection in Season 5 episode "Skidmark," which implied Daniel (Rubén Blades) once crossed paths with Abraham.

"There may be something that comes out of that. So we'll see," Cudlitz said when asked about the tape at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta. "It makes sense to tie the worlds together, and they do tell stories through flashback, so it could definitely happen. I don't know when in the show it would happen, but it could definitely happen. And there's still backstory, too. From what I understand, it was 'Abe-slash-Doctor,' so that would imply Dr. Eugene Porter, so it could potentially be a backstory for the two of us when we were in Austin, or Houston."

The Easter egg "was cool," Cudlitz added. "But I would come back and play [Abraham]."

In August, Cudlitz hinted TWD Universe would explore more Abraham Ford backstory despite the character's death at the hands of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in the mothership series' Season 7 premiere.

"I don't know. The show has sort of laid out in its history, the way they tell stories, is through flashbacks and origin stories," Cudlitz said on Strahan and Sara when asked if he might one day reprise the role. "There's still characters on the show that were very close with Abraham that he had history with. So we could very easily go back."

Cudlitz also hinted Abraham could reappear in a movie or spinoff series.

"They're also doing other movies, which are gonna move through time — go back in time, go forward in time — and I believe pair up characters that weren't necessarily paired up in the graphic novels," he said. "It's a strong, subtle yes. Very, very possible."

TWD chief content officer Scott Gimple has since detailed plans to build out TWD Universe with a diverse lineup of miniseries, short-form stories and other limited run or stand alone series and specials. It's been said these projects could be used to explore dead characters.

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