Michael Cudlitz Starts Shooting New The Walking Dead Spinoff

The Walking Dead star Michael Cudlitz has become a veteran behind the camera after directing a handful of episodes of the AMC series. After his Abraham Ford character was killed off in the Season 7 premiere, Cudlitz returned to the series for a directorial debut a couple of years later and went on to direct several others, including the most recent Episode 10x05. Now, Cudlitz is making his way to Virginia to direct a new episode of The Walking Dead's untitled third series which is set to debut in the spring of 2020. Cudlitz will be behind the camera for more than one episode of what is currently being referred to as "TWD3".

"Let's see what you got for me," Cudlitz wrote on Twitter. "Day one of shooting on new ep. TWD3, [let's go]!!!!"

Check out the tweet from Cudlitz below.

Previously, Cudlitz made his TV directorial debut with Episode 9x07, titled Stradivarius." He also directed Season 10's Silence the Whisperers and the upcoming Open Your Eyes episode. It is not known which episode of The Walking Dead's third series is his first but the AMC spinoff is currently heading into production on the ninth episode of its premiere season.

It is unclear whether or not the fans will ever get their wish of seeing Cudlitz reprise his role as Abraham Ford for a post-apocalyptic adventure telling the story of his time before meeting Rick Grimes.

This untitled second spinoff, in production under the working title "Monument," began filming over the summer in Virginia. Gimple co-created this third series with TWD veteran Matthew Negrete, who will serve as showrunner. A sprawling set piece from the upcoming series took over the streets of Hopewell, Virginia, in August, where onlookers got a look at a crashed plane that appears to play a key role in TWD3. The series focuses on two young female protagonists 10 years into the apocalypse and tells the story of the first generation raised after the fall of civilization.

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The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC. The Walking Dead's untitled third series is expected to start airing in the spring of 2020.