The Walking Dead: Negan Kills Get The Lego Treatment

The slaying of Glenn and Abraham is one of the most brutal scenes in all of television history. Negan came on the scene and caused many fans to cry, leave the room, and even complain to the authorities that the episode was too violent.

If you thought the scene couldn't get more disturbing, someone actually found a way. As if blood, brains, screams, and vampire bats weren't bad enough, let's re-create the entire thing out of children's toys.

In the age where every super hero and blockbuster film gets turned into a Lego toy or game, there was sure to come a time when Negan would go plastic as well.

Youtube user kristo499 showed some exceptional animation skills, and a twisted sense of humor, to turn Negan's massacre into a Lego set gone wrong.

The audio from the episode is behind the animation and adds to the gruesome display. You can hear the crunch of the bat, and the screams of the characters, while watching a set of toys demolish each other.

Who knows what they used to make the brains in this sketch, as they definitely weren't made from Legos. It seems like some kind of mixture of cranberry sauce, dates, and grape juice.

The worst part of the whole thing was the depiction of Glenn's eye, which was still hanging out in the cartoon version.


This video is equally as NSFW as the original, even though it's starring a bunch of toys. Make sure your audio is turned down, and your gag reflex is turned up.